PETER AND SHARON BUTALA. Honoured for their work towards the protection of grasslands (SK)

DUCKS UNLIMITED, NATURE SASKATCHEWAN, SASKATCHEWAN WILDLIFE FEDERATION. Honoured for their cooperative partnering efforts in furthering conservation in Saskatchewan.

ECOLOGICAL LAND CLASSIFICATION COMMITTEE (Saskatchewan). Honoured for their innovative work in establishing a standardized ecological classification scheme for Saskatchewan.

HAROLD HINDS (New Brunswick). Honoured for his long standing work throughout New Brunswick

MARK KOENKER (M.L.A., Saskatchewan). Honoured for his dedication to advancing conservation through the political process.

KEN LOZINSKI (government employee, Saskatchewan). Honoured for his commitment to advancing protected area conservation through the civil service in Saskatchewan.

PACIFIC ESTUARY CONSERVATION PROGRAM (B.C.). Honoured for the multi-partner commitment to conserve west coast estuaries.

WORLD CONSERVATION MONITORING CENTRE (Cambridge, England). Honoured for its work in advancing information about protected areas throughout the world.

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