The 2018 workshop will consist of two full-day sessions.  They first explored technical solutions to support landscape-scale conservation planning of protected area networks and second explored the rationale, methodologies, and outcomes of enhanced integration of social considerations in effective conservation planning for the establishment, network planning and management of protected areas.

A third day was followed up by another full-day providing participants with an opportunity to celebrate the history and past work of the CCEA and contribute to the development of the CCEA’s 2020-2030 Strategic Plan.

Workshop Report



Jeff Bowman
Jochen Jaeger 1
Jochen Jaeger 2
Remi Daigle
Richard Schuster 1
Richard Schuster 2
Stephen Woodley
Norma Serra


Case Study Alberta Parks
Case Study Carolinian Canada Coalition
Case Study Government Northwest Territories
Case Study Kativik Regional Government
Case Study Yukon Parks
Natalie Ban
Nathan Bennett


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