The 2019 Canadian Council on Ecological Areas (CCEA) annual national workshop and AGM will be held in Quebec City on October 10 and 11, following the Canadian Parks Conference.  It is being hosted in partnership with the Pathway to Canada Target 1. The workshop will provide training to practitioners and others on the application of the Decision Support Tool For Assessing Areas Against Pan-Canadian Standards for Protected Areas and Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures (OECMS) for Terrestrial and Inland Waters (Pathway DST). The Pathway DST supports jurisdictions and others in assessing whether or not areas contribute to Canada Target 1.

The Pathway DST and associated guidance are based on a tool originally developed and published by the CCEA that was informed by practitioners through previous CCEA workshops. The original CCEA tool has been collaboratively revised and approved for use by Pathway jurisdictions, and members of the CCEA and Nature Conservancy of Canada to support jurisdictions in assessing if areas contribute to Canada Target 1.


We greatly appreciate the participation and support of the Government of Quebec in making this workshop possible.

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