GNWT – A five year workplan – Healthy Land, Healthy People

[:en]The GNWT released a five year workplan early in October called Healthy Land, Healthy People . It details how the GNWT will collaboratively advance conservation network planning – which is the term we are using for our work on protected areas and conservation areas – dubbed the conservation network. Conservation areas being the term we are using for all the areas we recognize as also very important towards conservation (for example, towards connectivity), but are not part of Aichi Target 1/Canada Target 1. As part of this workplan there are two priorities, one that relates to concluding 8 candidate areas and another to renew our strategy for conservation network planning (building on the NWT Protected Areas Strategy).  Those 8 candidate areas are the ones listed in the Canadian Protected Areas Status Report 2012-2015 as anticipated protected areas by 2020 to contribute to Aichi Target 11/Canada Target 1. Not to boast, but I kind of will, the NWT areas carry quite a bit of heft of the ones currently anticipated to contribute to the target![:]

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