Opémican National Park now a reality

Opémican National Park in Témisamingue

The Québec government has completed all legal and administrative steps to officially establish this park, the 26th in Québec’s national park network,which will generate over $40 M in investments in Témiscamingue over the coming years andcreate some 30 new jobs.

Opémican National Park occupies an area of 252.5 km2.. Environmentally speaking, this park helps achieve the objectives of the network of protected areas, particularly in southern Québec. It also supports the protection of part of the shores of Lac Témiscamingue and Lac Kipawa, Rivière Kipawa, several lakes, streams and wetlands, old-growth pine forests and various plant and wildlife species, including the Peregrine Falcon, a vulnerable species that nests in the territory.

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