The Stan Rowe Home Place Graduate Award is a scholarship dedicated to honour Dr. Stan Rowe’s memory and life’s work. Dr. Rowe, a founding member of CCEA, was a professor at the University of Saskatchewan who inspired many individuals to pursue a career in ecology. The award is given by the CCEA to projects having an emphasis on an ecosystem or landscape-based approach to selecting, establishing, or managing protected ecological areas in Canada.

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Stan Rowe Graduate Award

Dr. J. Stan Rowe

June 11, 1918 – April 6, 2004

Dr. Stan Rowe was a founding member of the CCEA. Widely known for his book, Forest Regions of Canada, he gained special notoriety for his later writings on ethics and conservation, which demonstrates his intimate insight of ecology and the caring attitude that we need to adopt as environmental stewards. Dr. Rowe’s vision and leadership are a true inspiration for preserving wilderness in Canada.

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